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Easi-Grip Add On Handles for Ergonomic Tools


  • Convert conventional tools into ergonomic ones with Easi-Grip Add On Handles.
  • Enhance control and ease of use with the ergonomic design.
  • Simply slip the handle of the tool into the stainless steel clamps and tighten with plastic wing nuts.
  • Transform long-handled tools and reduce strain on wrists and joints for a more comfortable gardening experience.

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The Easi Grip Add On Handles transform traditional tools into ergonomic ones, providing ease of use and enhanced control. Just insert the tool’s handle into the two stainless steel clamps and secure them with the plastic wing nuts by a simple finger-tightening process.

These handles offer ergonomic solutions for enhancing traditional hand garden tools, such as rakes, hoes, brooms, and other tools with long shafts. By attaching these handles to long-handled items, users can comfortably work in an upright position, effectively reducing back strain and allowing for a broader range of movement without twisting the body.


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