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Accessible Gardening in December

Discover what to plant in December. Veggies, fruits, and flowers planting indoors and outdoors, and the most common activities for the month.
Accessible planting: Garlic

As the winter season settles in, December presents unique opportunities for gardeners in the northern hemisphere. While outdoor gardening may be limited due to the cold weather, there are still several plants that can be planted or prepared for the months ahead.

Whether you have a garden plot or prefer indoor gardening, December offers the chance to plan, prepare, and sow the seeds for future growth.

On this page, we will explore a variety of options for planting in December, both indoors and outdoors, to help you make the most of this season and set the stage for a fruitful year ahead. From cool-season vegetables to winter blooms, let’s delve into the possibilities that December holds for gardeners.

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What to Plant Indoors in December

In the northern hemisphere, December is a time when outdoor gardening activities are limited due to the cold weather and frosty conditions. However, indoor gardening becomes a popular choice for plant enthusiasts looking to satisfy their green thumb during the winter months. Here are some plants that can be successfully planted indoors in December:

  • Winter Herbs: Plant herbs like parsley, cilantro, chives, and mint indoors during December. These aromatic herbs can be grown on a sunny windowsill or under grow lights, providing fresh flavors to enhance your winter dishes.

  • Microgreens: Growing microgreens indoors is an excellent option for December. Sow seeds of radishes, kale, arugula, or broccoli in trays or containers filled with potting soil. Within a few weeks, you’ll have tender, nutrient-rich greens ready for harvesting.

  • Salad Greens: Plant lettuce varieties such as leaf lettuce, mesclun mix, and spinach indoors for fresh, homegrown salads. Consider using shallow containers or hanging baskets to maximize space and convenience.

  • Dwarf Citrus Trees: If you have enough space and adequate lighting, you can try growing dwarf citrus trees indoors. Varieties like Meyer lemon, calamondin orange, and kaffir lime can thrive indoors during the winter months, providing fragrant blossoms and even fruit.

  • Amaryllis: Amaryllis bulbs can be potted indoors in December for stunning blooms during the winter season. These vibrant flowers come in various colors and make for a beautiful addition to your indoor space.

  • Christmas Cactus: The Christmas cactus is a popular houseplant known for its colorful blooms during the holiday season. It requires minimal care and can thrive in indoor environments during December.

  • Paperwhites: Paperwhite narcissus bulbs can be planted indoors for their fragrant white blooms. These easy-to-grow bulbs can add a touch of elegance to your indoor space during the winter months.

  • Cyclamen: Cyclamen plants are appreciated for their delicate, upward-facing flowers and attractive foliage. They prefer cooler temperatures and can be a lovely addition to your indoor garden in December.

  • African Violets: African violets are compact flowering plants that can thrive indoors during December. They come in a wide range of colors and are relatively easy to care for, making them a popular choice among indoor gardeners.

  • English Ivy: English ivy is a versatile and low-maintenance plant that can be grown indoors during December. It is known for its trailing vines and ability to purify indoor air.

Accessible planting: Cilantro
Plant aromatic herbs like parsley, cilantro, chives, and mint indoors during December.

Remember to provide adequate light, water, and temperature conditions specific to each plant’s requirements. Consider using grow lights or supplemental lighting if natural light is limited. Indoor gardening in December allows you to stay connected to nature and enjoy the beauty of plants even during the coldest months of the year.

What to Plant Outdoors in December

In the northern hemisphere, December brings chilly temperatures and frosty conditions, making outdoor gardening challenging. However, there are still a few planting options to consider during this time, particularly in regions with milder climates or when utilizing protective measures like cold frames or row covers. Here are some plants you can consider planting outdoors in December:

  • Garlic: December is an excellent time to plant garlic cloves for a summer harvest. Prepare the soil, separate the cloves, and plant them with the pointed end facing up.

  • Onions and Shallots: Similar to garlic, onions and shallots can be planted in December for a future harvest. These hardy crops can withstand winter temperatures and provide a flavorful yield.

  • Perennials: In areas with mild winters, you can plant certain perennial flowers and shrubs in December. Select cold-hardy varieties such as pansies, hellebores, and winter-blooming heathers to add color and interest to your garden.

  • Bulbs: While it’s late in the season, you may still be able to plant certain spring-blooming bulbs in December. Look for hardy bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths that can tolerate the winter conditions.

  • Cover Crops: Consider sowing cover crops in your garden beds during December. Cover crops like winter rye, clover, or vetch can protect the soil, suppress weeds, and improve its fertility when turned over in the spring.

  • Trees and Shrubs: December is a suitable time to plant trees and shrubs in regions with milder climates or when utilizing protective measures. Ensure you choose varieties that are suitable for your specific region and climate.

  • Fruit Trees: In regions with mild winters, you can plant bare-root fruit trees in December. Apples, pears, cherries, and other fruit tree varieties can establish their root systems during the dormant season.

  • Rhubarb: Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that can be planted in December, especially in areas with mild winters. Prepare the soil and plant rhubarb crowns, leaving enough space for them to spread as they grow.

Accessible planting: Garlic
December is an excellent time to plant garlic cloves for a summer harvest.

Keep in mind that the planting options in December may vary depending on your specific location and climate zone. It’s crucial to consider local weather conditions and frost dates when deciding which plants to try. Additionally, providing proper winter protection, such as mulching or using row covers, can help protect young plants from extreme cold.

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