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Gardening for all abilities.

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For All Abilities

Welcome to Accessible Gardening! On this site, you will be able to explore gardening guides and recommended products specifically designed for people with disabilities, mobility impairments, mental health struggles, or anyone interested in discovering the marvels of this beautiful hobby.

Gardening for all ages and abilities.

Accessible Gardening Guides & Tips

Detailed gardening guides for people with disabilities, physical or mobility impairments, and mental health "issues", with de tailed explanations and pictures.

Adaptive Gardening Tools

Tools and ideas to facilitate gardening, including kneelers, cushions, adapted tools (like Easi-Grip), planters, and other accessories for the garden.

Planting Calendar and plant selection

See what to plant, when and what to expect. A month-by-month guide with the best veggies and flowers for each season and what to expect.

What to do with your produce

Cooking ideas & recipes

What and how to cook your harvest. Easy-to-try recipes with detailed instructions and a few tips to make the best out of your produce.

Accessible gardening for everyone.

I love working on my garden, but I don’t always have the physical strength to do what I envision. I also see friends and family struggle with finding the right tools to simplify gardening tasks. The thing is: There are many ways to plant and cultivate a beautiful garden, even if you are limited by mobility, mental health, etc. But these answers and ideas are not always easy to find.

What you will be able to find on this website:

Gardening Guides
and Articles

Tips and advice on how to create an accessible garden, including raised beds, vertical gardens, and other gardening techniques that can make gardening easier for people with disabilities.

Featured Article

Are you thinking of designing a sensory garden? Here are our favorite five plants that will help you create a sanctuary of peace.

Featured Article

Engaging in garden activities can be a wonderful and beneficial experience for those with ASD. Here are some good ideas.

Adaptive Gardening Tools

Information on the various tools and equipment available that can help people with disabilities and limited mobility to garden independently.

Featured Article

Gardening can be made more accessible and enjoyable by using specialized tools designed for gardeners with physical impairments. Here's how.

Information on which plants are best suited for different types of gardens and different disabilities, including plants that require less maintenance or plants that are easy to harvest.

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